Saturday, February 27, 2010

.Ya Adeeman.

My soul is brightened by a light in my heart
When I praised God of mankind
And my soul is cheered up and the tears were flowing
Oh God! guide my heart to reason
In the tranquility of the night I pray during worshiping
While the black darkness is all around me
Oh Kind! Oh Most Merciful! Oh Most Forbearing!
Oh Kind! Your gifts are endless
Oh All-Hearing! Oh Answerer! Oh Most Magnificent!
Oh Creator of the strong predatory animals! Guide me
Guide me to truth, God
I depend on your guidance today
Oh God of the universe! You are my aid
You are the refuge of man in the afterworld
Here I am God, asking your forgiveness
Forgive me and grant me my wish

“Dan kepunyaan Allah-lah apa yang ghaib di langit dan di bumi dan kepada-Nya-lah dikembalikan urusan-urusan semuanya, Maka sembahlah Dia, dan bertawakallah kepada-Nya. dan sekali-kali Tuhanmu tidak lalai dari apa yang kamu kerjakan”.


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