Friday, June 25, 2010


to you on your special day
a love with depth beyond compare
a love that will never sway

.chiq.mak.ayah.c do.

because I appreciate
being related to someone like you
this entry comes with loving thoughts
and warm wishes too

you are so dear to me
in so many ways

you are more than my aunt
somehow, you can be my best friend
you are always there for me
for an ear or shoulder to lend

i hope good things
come your way
on this your
very special day

happy birthday, chiq!

note: kakak taw, chiq mesti terharu. jgn nanges2. g kesat hingus tu. da meleleh klua..^^


  1. dear kak, thank u so much for that special entry...for that warm heartfelt thought...i can't thank u enough...what i could do is say Alhamdulillah, thanking Allah for his great birthday gift...U, our family and all the love that we had...all the feelings...stories that we shared, alhamdulillah...

    **err...jangan u pulak menangis bc comment ni sudah...kakakaka... :)

  2. yaa..alhamdulillah

    syukur sgt2 menjadi a part of hj abas + hjh zainab's famili


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