Wednesday, May 18, 2011


ill be sitting for my first paper tomorrow!

don't even question 
why I'm here blogging 
when I have a paper tomorrow
I have no idea as well to what I'm doing here

I should be flipping the pages of my many oh-so-thick books 
but sadly, 

Tomorrow's paper is not something I should be taking lightly 
but the fact that I'll never know how to answer any questions makes me feel like there's nothing I can do except chill

I think I'm going to stop blabbering because I'm starting to realise that I'm saying all these to make myself feel better about not reading up anything for tomorrow

to be honest,
I am tired of studying already
[oh! how can I say that?]
I just wanna get it all over with fast & have my holidays
as exam draws near, the more I revise, the more stress I become 

must remain calm. must remain calm.

 Ya ALLAH ya tuhan ku, kurniakanlah kami kefahaman nabi-nabi dan hafalan para rasul serta mendapat ilham dari para malaikat yang hampir denganMu, juga kurniakanlah kami kesihatan wahai Yang Amat Mengasihani.

right now, 
I can only pray I will do well in my exams
I need to do well

kena baca buku dulu
baru boleh tawakkal

walau apapun
sebab rahmat dari DIA lah yang paling dan lebih utama dari segalanya

my pretty brain, 
please don't turn blank on exam day
dan semoga rahmat Allah senantiasa mengiringi saya sepanjang exam ini



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